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Jon Collins

Jon Collins

I first started playing music around the age of 6, when I picked up the harmonica and played along with my favorite records. I never would have imagined the way it would all play out. Now, a few weeks away from releasing our new EP Faces of Love with The Jon Collins Band, it’s fun to look back at different events that have led to this point.

After playing the harmonica for about ten years, I started playing in studios with different musicians. During my college days in North Carolina, I got my first taste of what it felt like to tour as a front man and as a singer. It’s safe to say that I’ve been hooked to the feeling, as I’ve been doing this type of stuff ever since.

When I came to Los Angeles, I continued making music and had some stints as an actor in both theatre and on television programs such as Will and Grace and Scrubs. Great experiences though they were, my main focus was music. It was here in LA that I began working with George Daly, the former VP of Columbia Records who signed The Cars and now works as CEO for About Records. With George, I co-wrote several songs that have gone on to be used by other artists and in film and television.

In 2012, I formed the Jon Collins Band with some friends in San Francisco’s Hyde Street Studios, the same studio that had produced records by artists like The Grateful Dead and Green Day. Not a bad place to get started. Our first album Hero was released in 2013 and it spawned the singles Ashley and Let Love Live. Both of those singles received airplay, and the former reached #60 on the Billboard Music Pop Charts.

With guitarist Chris Vazquez now in the band, we are currently working on our first EP and we have already released the music video for the single Don’t Believe You. The video, which shows ridiculous scenarios involving infidelity, sort of represents our path toward brazen ballsy rock ‘n’ roll. Shortly after the EP is released, we will be touring nationwide and we hope that audiences enjoy our new material.

In my life, the greatest successes have come from instances where I have gone out of my comfort zone and performed in different capacities. That’s the only way you’ll find out what you’re good at, and it’s what I encourage every up and coming musician to do.

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