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Jamillions ~ It Will Pay Off

Recording artist Jamillions


I first noticed Jamillions when someone tweeted a link to his music on Twitter. After listening to his beautiful melodies, I asked him to be an Amused Now Featured Artist.

Jamillions has a pre-release of his upcoming album The Rebirth scheduled for October 16. His website has snippets of 5 songs. My favorite is Incomplete. Go out there and vote for your favorite!

Jamillions grew up listening to a lot of Motown. He credits Marvin Gaye, Al Greene, Usher, Chris Brown, Donnell Jones, Boyz II Men, Musiq Soulchild and Javier Colon as his major influences. “People say I sound like Jason Derülo.”

For his upcoming album, Jamillions recorded and mixed his own music. “Literally, I’ll hit record, run to the microphone and start singing. It’s definitely been a challenge, but at least I get exercise while I do it.”

On prior projects, Jamillions has worked with other recording artists. Some of his more successful releases, here in the US and abroad, were produced with Joël Angelo MargolisRob-E and The Legion.

I love how Jamillions takes advantage of the power of social media. He posts videos on his website and YouTube to keep fans up-to-date and to ask their opinion about his music. I was excited to hear that his major social media influence is Seth Godin, best-selling author and entrepreneur. Reading Seth Godin’s books taught Jamillions the importance of connecting with your fans. “Go directly to them. Social media helps a lot when it comes to that.”

Recording artist JamillionsHe tries to publish one or two cover songs each month, and he posts them on YouTube and Facebook. Jamillions mostly uses Facebook, but he’s making the transition to Twitter.

Jamillions writes his fans as often as he possibly can. “Make a friend. It’s nice to make friends and build fans at the same time.” A lot of his fans provide really great critiques, so he allows them to influence his music as much as possible. Jamillions does not like the way record labels act like the middle man between the artist and his audience.

Jamillions advises, “If you have a dream, something that you really believe in, no matter what, go for that. If it’s something that’s really going to make you happy, you’ve got to work hard at that.” He’s been pursuing a music career for seven years, and he’s had a lot of ups and downs. Jamillions realizes, “it comes with the territory. You’ve got to work hard at what you do and love what you do.” Jamillions loves his day job, but a successful music career is his ultimate goal.

“It will pay off eventually.” I agree. When Amused Now launches its e-commerce site, I’d love to make Jamillions money, because I love his music!


Watch the complete video interview on Amused Now YouTube Channel: http://youtu.be/nzPzgcBIELM

Click on the cover art to get your own copy of Jamillions music and the music that influenced his sound:


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Cynthia Kahn, Founder of Amused Now

Recording artist Jamillions