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J Alexander Greenwood

J Alexander Greenwood

Alex Greenwood and I met about 3 years ago, right about the time he published his first novel, Pilate’s Cross. The book chronicles the misadventures of John Pilate, a guy who is unemployed, broke, off his anti-depressants, and desperately in need of a second chance.

But second chances aren’t what they are cracked up to be when a new job offers the opportunity to start over again. An outsider with no chance of ever fitting in, John Pilate finds himself in deep and will risk his life to uncover the dirt little secrets of one small town in the first book in the John Pilate mystery series.

Since then, Greenwood has published two more novels about John Pilate under his own imprint, Caroline Press.  Alex has much to share about his life as an independent writer and publisher, and the valuable lessons he’s learned along the journey.

When I asked Alex about the inspiration for his books, he shared about his grandfather, also a published author, and how much of his own life is reflected in the stories. No one’s life is too boring. The people, the places, and the circumstances that surround us are ample inspiration for the stuff that dreams are made of.

When it comes to getting that first book off the ground, he recommends:

  • Share your manuscript with trusted friends that will give you an honest opinion.
  • Spend the money to have it edited by a professional.
  • Have the book professionally formatted for ebooks.
  • Enlist the help of a cover artist.
  • Don’t wait for an agent or publisher to come your way. Self-publishing and marketing your work are far easier now than ever, thanks to social media and digital publishing platforms like Smashwords and Kindle Direct Publishing.

Take your time and craft a book that you are happy with. The beauty of being an independent author is that there are no agents, no editors, and no publishers breathing down your neck to stick to a schedule. The story is ready when you say it is, whether that takes 3 months or 3 years.

To watch the complete YouTube video with J Alexander Greenwood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0HkWj4CpQg

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