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Featured Artist Interviews have many Benefits

Increased Exposure Means More Sales

Artists need more exposure and the opportunity to tell their story, so they can get more fans, a worldwide reputation and more sales.

Find out more about how you can get more fans by contacting Cynthia Kahn at today.

Why Buy an Amused Now Featured Artist Interview?

You get to tell your story in your own words, so fans get to know you at a deeper level and they’re more likely to buy. They learn the inside scoop behind your song or film or book.

A-List stars already know that artists who tell their stories have a competitive advantage, that’s why they go on the talk show circuit. Amused Now offers all indie artists that same opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. When artists tell their stories and describe their art, fans gain a deeper understanding and affection for the artist. Amused Now has proven that musicians who talk about their song in an interview and post that interview on the same web page as their music sell more music. The same holds true for filmmakers and authors.

Interview Prep

We prepare the interview questions and send them to you well in advance of the interview date, we provide detailed interview prep instructions, and we edit the interview before posting it. Fans see you in the best light.

Blog Post and Podcasts

Easy. Interview with Amused Now once and get all 3 formats. No other indie site offers this. Fans can find out more about you in way that’s convenient for them.

Go Deep!

Our blog posts are in-depth articles, not just Q&A transcribed from the interview. These articles make great promotion pieces for your EPK. Fans love the quality of the posts. With pictures throughout the article, fans more are more likely to read the entire piece.

Social Media

We promote your interview on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. You are on all the major social media sites. Fans find out about you on the social media sites where they hangout most. They don’t have to go anywhere special.

YouTube Campaigns

Our targeted YouTube campaigns can be added to your video interview. This translates to targeted exposure to new fans outside your current fan base. Fans already on YouTube who are interested in indie artists are better likely to find you and watch your interview.

Extensive Email List

If fans miss your initial promotion, they can still read about you and click the link on our newsletter. Fans never miss out learning about our indie artists.

Embed on Any Webpage

YouTube video and SoundCloud podcast interviews can be embedded on any web page. Embed your interview on the same page where your art is for sale, so fans learn the back story, get excited about you and press that Buy button! Fans learn more about you when they are shopping and ready to buy.

Multiple Artists and Businesses

We have a wider reaching fan base than most indie sites. Fans learn about all types of indie artists without leaving the site.

Great SEO

Our posts rise to the top of indie artist searches. New fans can easily find you when they search for you or artists like you.

Posts are Forever

The lifetime value of the featured artist interview lasts as long as you feel that the interview is relevant. Then, you can record a new one! Social media savvy artists can continue to post and share their interview with new fans after the Amused Now initial promotion. New fans can continue to find out about Amused Now artists.