Falcon Down ~ Rogue Frequencies

Daniel Childerley

Daniel Childerley

I set up my brand and musical alter ego Falcon Down in February 2014. Everything before this date led me to the conclusion that all I need is belief in my songwriting and in the direction that I have chosen to take. I released my first album Delusions of Grandeur as Falcon Down on 31-March-2014, and I followed this up with 3 simultaneous releases on the 1-August-2014: The EP’s Primer and Charcoal and the super-exclusive fan track Bear in the Cannon.

In my opinion great songwriting matures and remains classic even after decades have past. Rogue Frequencies is my latest album, launched on Halloween of this year. My music can be streamed from my website. I have one more official release planned before the end of 2014.

As a solo outfit, I remain largely a studio artist. Remember that your music will always travel further than you ever can. This is a good musical landscape, thanks to so many independent stations, and social sites.  Independent artists are in charge of driving forward their message to get their music heard by potential fans. I, for one, enjoy the freedom of being in control and read the website Riding the Indie Music Bus for links to stations, bloggers and review sites.

Falcon Down is mine and mine alone, anyone who is a fan of Dave Grohl, knows his view on intellectual property rights. I’m of the same viewpoint.

I have always seen myself as a songwriter, lyricist, guitarist and vocalist, in that order. The plan has always been to try and gain some traction in this very crowded marketplace. The way I see this happening for me is by remaining raw and authentic, whilst keeping productivity high. The days of writing a number one single are all but behind us, a brand that keeps growing, learning and adapting intelligently will ultimately carve out its own space.

Falcon Down - Everybody Goes Solo coverSometimes, we are going to get negative feed back, as music is so subjective. When you put your music into the public domain, you can handle it in a variety of ways: 1) change everything that you’ve created and believe it is right to suit a few opinions, or 2) stick to your guns and seek new ears that could potentially become fans. I have always gone for the second option.

I know the niche that I’m striving for: modern music fans who know their own minds. They don’t believe the hype created about some bands and singers. It takes real strength of character to say, “You know what, today I’m not prepared to follow the herd and consume what you’re selling. I am happy to discover my own musical sustenance.”

I don’t and won’t play covers. If I can’t make it with my own crafted tracks, then I’m not prepared to piggyback off the talents of other artists. For me, discovering and writing authentic music far outweighs hearing pale imitations.

I strongly believe that when you get comfortable in your own skin that other people will appreciate the core element that much more.  Over-produced music is something that everybody is doing, and all I hear is the producer and not the recording artists or original song. If you’re happy to hand over the creative reigns to somebody else, that’s your right to do so. I know the sound and structures that I am trying to write. I mix and produce all of my music, as I have a vision for the sound I am after.

The idea of working in a professional studio is something that I may one day wish to experience. For now, I have planned out my next releases through until 2016. You don’t have to spend $10,000 to $1 Million in today’s market releasing an album. My latest release Rogue Frequencies cost less than $50 in total to record and distribute. Thanks to companies like Tune Core and CD Baby, along with online mastering services like LANDR, everyone can afford to be heard.

This time around, I have decided to release digital copies only.  Like so many other bands and artists out there, I too have been left with cartons of unsold CD’s from a previous outfit.

Falcon Down - Rogue Frequencies cover Whatever your driving force, stay true to what you wanted to achieve from the outset. Goals and directions change, but don’t let other people change them for you. You’re not a musical clone waiting for somebody else to stamp their mark on you. Don’t go changing unless you decide that you want to.

2015 will see the launch of my third album Mayday, Mayday, due for release on Mayday, along with several singles and EP’s.

Falcon Down