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Erin Powers

Erin Powers

My band logo is Empowers Music.  I use this because it spells out my initials, EMPowers. I feel that music should inspire and empower people to greater things with their lives.

I am a singer songwriter from Upstate New York. I have been gigging since age 19 at local coffee shops, for friends and in alley ways, anywhere I could get exposure. I have very little training as a singer, but at the age of 12, I did take vocal lessons from an Irish opera singer. I learned a little from her at the time, and I tried singing in Gaelic.

At age 20, I started writing poetry, ambitious enough that I thought I’d be a famous poet. I sent my work out for submission and got turned down by many major publishers, even in the UK. That didn’t stop me; I was determined to make my poetry famous to inspire people around the world. I graduated college with my BA in Music Industry from SUNY Oneonta in 2006. I played clarinet for twelve years as well.

In 2003, I met a colleague named Ben Mcloughlin, who had more experience in songwriting. We decided to shape the poems and form them into songs, and that’s how the album Pretty Green Eyes came about. The album tells the tale of a young woman who falls in love, gets hurt and struggles with those emotions and pain, finding herself as well. Towards the end of the album, she starts to find her voice and realizes how powerful she can be, and in that discovery, she finds new love.

Ben and I recorded the album Pretty Green Eyes in Upstate New York. We co-wrote the songs and co-produced the album. Ben did the percussion and bass; I recorded the vocals and acoustic guitar.

In 2013, Pretty Green Eyes was featured in the Albany Times Union and the Glen Falls Chronicle. I’ve also been interviewed by various local radio stations.

I usually do about acoustic 55 shows a year. I did one tour back in 2012 through Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey. During that tour, we recorded my live album Erin Powers Live.

I have opened for such well-known recording artists as Sirsy, Mieka Pauley, Sarah Slean and Julia Brown. I’m involved with several music projects too. I am lead vocalist in classic rock band called Revive5; we sing AC/DC, Judas Priest and Def Leppard. I am also in a Blues Band called Nite Train. I am working on recording an EP with Frank Palagni in Queensbury, New York. I also have a second EP releasing this fall.

Erin Powers singing liveMy advice for artists is this: No matter where you are, you got there and you’re supposed to grow. Don’t compare self to other musicians. Yes, it’s oversaturated, but it’s up to you to spark a new ingenuity that shows fresh ideas really are happening and ready to be discovered.

Erin Powers