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Dre Hilton ~ The Diary of a Dreamer

Dre Hilton

Dre Hilton

Dre Hilton is a dreamer. I love that about him. He’s in the middle of a new CD project titled The Diary of a Dreamer.  I love the first single, Get Up and Live.

Dre explains that the project “takes you through the thought process of anyone who has big dreams and big goals. It’s mainly to motivate someone who has that drive. That’s really what I’m all about, motivating people.”

When I asked Dre Hilton to describe his music, he told me, “I would describe my music as very authentic and original. One thing I try to strive for is to not sound like anyone else. Even though I’ve been strongly influenced by different artists, I try to stay ‘Dre Hilton.’ I would also describe my music as fresh and vibrant. I don’t think anyone can listen to my songs without dancing.”

Who are those people that strongly influenced Dre Hilton? “First, I would have to start off with Michael Jackson. I mean, who hasn’t been influenced by Michael Jackson? I was influenced by Stevie Wonder, another musical genius, and Brian McKnight.”

Dre Hilton’s family noticed he had an aptitude for music at age 3 and enrolled him in music school at age 5. “My parents and grandparents all can tell stories of how I used to drive them crazy by banging on boxes, pots and pans with pencils and anything I could find. My dad started me out learning drums, then he put me into music school, where I could really develop this passion I had for musical instruments. Everyone in my family plays something or sings. Music is really strong and definitely in the Hilton bloodline.”

Dre Hilton performing 2Dre started singing and mimicking Michael Jackson and other singers heard around the house when he was quite young. He didn’t really take singing seriously until high school. Now, he sings six nights a week with a group called Soul of Motown.

As Dre continues, “I’ve never really been into sports. I’ve just been a musical person. I’m glad I get to live it and do it for my career, which is performing and writing music.”

We know that Dre Hilton wants to bring love, hope and inspiration to others through his music, but he’s also a well-known motivational speaker. Dre added a unique twist to his dream by performing a partial show within his motivational speaking engagements.

“It’s my aim and my mission to use my voice and my music to uplift people and to tell people that they can make it. Sometimes, our kids come from tough beginnings, and I want to be the one that tells them no matter how things started for you, you can make it and become something great. I also want to influence people to get back to the basics of just loving people, spreading love.”

If you are interested in learning more about Dre Hilton’s motivational sessions, go out to Dre’s website: DreHilton.com. You can also reach Dre on his Facebook page. “Even though I am busy, if you message me, I will be sure to get back to you within a 24-hour period.”

Dre Hilton advises other artists to “take advantage of this new technology that we have in the way that the music game is played. It’s so lucrative for any independent artist to come into the game and make a name for himself, because there is so much you can do by yourself. You can record a song tonight, get it mixed and put it out tomorrow. It can reach the masses if you market it right. Take advantage of being free to express whatever it is you want to express. Whatever you want to speak about, you have that freedom to speak about it. You can be fully you and touch people. I think it’s the best time right now for any independent artist, and I’m taking full advantage of it all.”

Watch the complete video interview on the Amused Now YouTube channel: http://youtu.be/ZPmj2kZylBE

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Dre Hilton with baseball capDre Hilton

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