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Dawn Douglas

Dawn Douglas

I’ve been writing poetry since the 8th grade, but I started honing my love for it in my senior year of high school (1993).  I always wanted to be published and even submitted requests to some of the larger publishing companies.  After either not hearing back from them or getting turned down, I became discouraged, but I kept writing.

In October 2006, a friend of mine introduced me to a friend of hers who had just published his book of poetry.  He gave me the roadmap and the information to the company he used, and the rest is history.

I had a really good friend edit my fist book of poetry More than Poetry, 1993 until Infinity and contacted Author House to get the process started.  My first book was released in March of 2007, and my second book, A Journey through Infinity, was just published in February of this year.

With both books, because I had a very good friend do all the editing, it cut down the cost of publishing and I copyrighted the books myself at www.copyright.gov.

Writing is my first love, I may not do it all the time but I always come back to it.

I also have two singles on iTunes and Amazon Music, Forever and Echoes of Love.

Enjoy my poem written exclusively for Amused Now, She.


She is a woman

Who knows where

Her beauty lies



She is defined

By more than

How she looks

By more than

How thick she is

By more than

How full her lips are

By more than

The color of her eyes

By more than

The curvature of her body


Her measurements

Are not always


But she has beautiful curves




She refuses to be labeled

She refuses to submit

To one Genre

One Faith

One Category



She is above being petty

She is above “he said she said”

She is above drama

She is above ignorance

She is above playing games

She is focused

Focused on being a better She

Focused on building a happy home

Focused on her family

Her friends

Her future



She has always

Taken the road less traveled

She has always

Done the unthinkable

Even when others

Told her it was impossible



She is more beautiful

Than any woman on TV

She is sexier

Than any lingerie model

She is more sensual

Than any woman you could imagine



She exudes beauty

She embodies sensuality

She has mastered being sexy


Her beauty comes from

The love she gives her man

Her sensuality comes from

The home cooked meals she prepares

She is sexy

Even while carrying your love child



She knows

There is nothing more beautiful

Than a woman

Who is down for you

Than a woman

Who has your favorite drink waiting for you

When you get home

Than a woman

Who is real with you

And you can be real with her



She knows

There is nothing more sensual

Than her in the kitchen

Cooking up some collard greens

Fried chicken

And corn bread

Oh but wait

She also makes

Some mean lasagna

Some fierce enchiladas

And some slap yo momma

‘Cause it’s so good

Jerk chicken

She knows

How to work her magic

So her man is satisfied

She always

Leaves your mouth watering



She knows

There is nothing sexier

Than a woman’s glow

From carrying your love child

Than a woman birthing your seed

Sealing your bond



She has birthed

Kings, queens and martyrs

From her womb

Life begins and ends

With her



She is stripped of labels

Stripped of false judgment

Stripped of grudges

Stripped of lies

Stripped of hate

She is stripped bare



She is more than

Her skin tone

She is more than

How she fills out a shirt or some jeans

She is more than intimate pleasure

She is an epiphany

Waiting for you to embrace

She is euphoric

Once you get to know her

She is pure

She is real

Touch her mentally

Caress her spiritually

Love her physically

‘Cause she is waiting


Open your eyes

Wipe the sleep away

Take off your blinders

And behold



Dawn Douglas
Soul Food Poems

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