Cynthia Kahn ~ Top 3 Promotion Mistakes

Cynthia Kahn

Cynthia Kahn

When Agnieszka Sorycz interviewed me for her Film Marketing Blog, she asked me “What are the most common mistakes made by artists when it comes to promotion?” That really got me thinking about why some artists have wildly successful interviews and posts and why some artists don’t.

The answer is simple: The most successful Amused Now posts are those where the artist shares responsibility for promotion with me.  This led me to identify the top 3 promotion mistakes an artist can make and how to avoid them:

Mistake #1: Assume Promotion is the Promoter’s Job

Through this Amused Now Blog and YouTube channel, I provide a vehicle for artists to share their work, backgrounds and insights. I can promote to my fans, but I am not you and I do not know your fans like you do.

Every artist has to take ownership of their promotional activities. The most successful artists today are social media savvy. They have researched the available social media sites, studied the communication nuances of each one, found out where their fans hang out and hang out there too, making connections and building relationships. As an artist, you don’t have to be on every social media site, just the sites where your fans hang out most.

You Do It

Mistake 1: Someone Else’s Job

Establish a web presence. If you don’t have your own website and don’t want to take on that responsibility, then setup a profile on an established site that fits your image. Fans want a place to go where they can find out more about you, what’s new and about upcoming gigs and public appearances. Keep your site updated and fresh, so fans return on a regular basis. Link your website through social media posts every time you update it.

Mistake #2: Assume You Have a Private Life on the Internet

Every comment you post, every picture you post and every video you post is a form of promotion and affects your image. Remember, everything on the internet has a shelf life of forever. So, before you click that Post or Share button, think about whether the content promotes your image or damages it.

Mistake#3: Assume Successful Promotional Campaigns Make Up for Bad Art

Celebrity Engulfed by Fans on Red Carpet

Mistake 2: Assume You Have Private Life

Fans are picky and they have lots of indie artists to choose from. If you are not as successful as you’d like, find out what successful artists do, what critics look for and, most importantly, what your fans want. Then, produce a quality product.

If you are just starting out or simply not satisfied with the way your book or script reads, your music sounds or your film is edited, then get critiqued by someone in the industry. Take classes. Continuously improve your craft. Stretch beyond your comfort zone. Strive to do better.

Your industry is not stagnant; it is constantly changing. Do you want to follow a trend or lead a new one? Truly great art combined with effective promotion expands your reach to new fans and gets you career-boosting recognition.

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Mistake 3: You Can Make Up for Bad Art

Go out there and get noticed!

Cynthia Kahn, Founder of Amused Now