Corey Miles Brown ~ DUKE

Corey Miles Brown aka DUKE

Corey Miles Brown aka DUKE

My name is Corey Miles Brown also known as DUKE on and off the microphone. I am an unsigned artist that was born and raised in Washington, D.C. I am currently twenty-four years of age and a high school graduate.

I became Interested in music after high school. As an up-and-coming artist, I believe that pop music made the way for the hip hop and rap music of today. I give all due respect that these genres laid the way for an artist like me.

When I first listened to Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt, I saw my life playing through the studio system as the song Can I Live played on. As I heard the lyrics, I felt money, power and respect at a time when I was on street. I knew that I could spit a verse and write a bar or real hook. Even the name Reasonable Doubt gave me no reason not to give rap music a try. Before I could say “incarceration,” rap music got me to this point here.

Now, I am an unsigned artist that is producing his own music. I have my first mix tape out named Trap Alive, where the ideas came from my dreams of money, power and respect. I reached this point in life because I believe hard work and dedication will get me anywhere in life I want to go. Today I believe in my own words. I am writing on paper, and I spit my verse.

As my life has come to together now, I go to the studio and let the world know how I feel about life and myself and where I have come from. As a young male in a city of everything, having music was my only way out of my position in the street. As I look back, I see every music track I have recorded thus far as my expression and symbol of my life as an unsigned artist. I will end by saying policy is what I vote for to give me a new look on life and take me to the top of my game as a pop hip hop and rap artist.

Duke - Trap Alive coverUnsigned means get signed.

My first mix tape Trap Alive has twelve tracks. The headline song (CASH) is featured on over twenty Coast2Coast mix tapes, Makin Moves Mix (Vol 145, 159, 165, 174, 178, 196, 199) and more. Also, I have submitted the music to over 300 unsigned artist radio FM/XM stations. My songs play on them, even in the United Kingdom. They are also posted on different websites for unsigned artists. Since I have been in the rap game, I have over three hundred and fifty features on these internet services via unsigned artist submissions.

From one artist to another, artists in the up-and-coming music game make the world go around. Take it one day at a time. Do the difficult things while they are easy, and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. They are like going up to the top of the ladder to get your crown. Show everyone that you are king, queen, prince, princess. Keep your head up at all times to keep your crown on.

Reach out to me and I will send you a copy of the song (CASH) and some extra songs as well.

Corey Miles Brown aka DUKE

Corey Brown - Duke head shot