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Chris Browne

Chris Browne

Not surprising, Chris Browne and I met on Twitter. Chris tweeted that he’d like to see more positivity in his timeline. I tweeted my agreement and we became friends. I heard his music and I asked him to be a featured artist. Chris tours a lot, so we thought a written interview worked best, especially because Chris lives in the UK and I live in the States.

Cynthia: Chris, I love the fact that you call yourself an “ever-evolving artist.” I hear so many different styles of music in your recordings. Do I hear hints of Tom Petty in your recent single Green Alert?

Chris: Yes, certainly Tom Petty is a great influence on me.

Cynthia: Who else can we credit with influencing your music?

Chris: My influences are David Gray, Newton Faulkner, John Lennon, life and the people of the world.

Cynthia: What Browne projects are you currently working on?

Chris: All music and releasing my next album, “Busker Rhyme,” worldwide. Browneproject is myself. It all started out as a project, but now that it is going strong, it is my solo band.

Cynthia: Your guitar and your unique voice are the 2 main instruments. Do you record and mix your own music. Do collaborate with anyone else, other songwriters, musicians or producers?

Chris: I do a bit of both. I record, produce and mix my own songs. I like to collab with anyone that is worthwhile.

Cynthia: You live in Corby, Britain. Where can our British fans hear you play?

Chris: The fans can hear me play globally. I tour the world so often that I will be in every city.

Cynthia: We met on Twitter. You have a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, even a MySpace account. How do you use social media to promote the Browne project?

Chris: I post all new things and I keep it real and fresh, so it is refreshing for everyone to hear.

Cynthia: Since Amused Now is about artists helping artists, what advice do you have for musicians who are also trying to make a name for themselves?

Chris: I say never give up, always keep putting time and effort in. The more you put in, then the more good that will come from it.

Chris, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I wish you all the best with your new release Buster Rhyme.

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