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Bree Noble

Bree Noble is one of the busiest musicians I know. She’s a singer-songwriter, radio and podcast host and founder of the brand new Female Music Academy that launches June 1. Because so many female musicians are struggling to make it in the music industry, I invited Bree Noble to join us and talk about her projects that help female musicians with the business side of music.

First, I had to learn more about her new Female Entrepreneur Musician podcast: “I started the podcast in the beginning of April, and we are putting out Episode 8 this week. We talk to female musicians who have been succeeding in the music industry. They’ve succeeded in creating a sustainable income to pursue their passion and make a living doing it. We talk to female industry pros about where they’re working in the music industry and advice that they can give female musicians. It’s been going over really well. I get emails all the time where women tell me they love the show and cannot wait for the next episode. We’ve been at the top of New and Noteworthy on iTunes and on the front page, so that’s been exciting.”

The brand new Female Musician Academy is where women can learn, grow and connect with other female musicians. What are the benefits of membership? According to Bree Noble: “We are going to have training every week to help with marketing, connecting with the audience, attracting listeners and special subjects on request, such as songwriting, contracts and lawyers. We want to help musicians put the pieces together to advance their music career.”

In addition to the above coursework, the Female Musician Academy will have training from professional industry representatives. The first scheduled industry professional is Dave Kusek from New Artist Model and Berklee College of Music.

Bree Noble at KeyboardBree Noble has been playing music by the best female artists on the Women of Substance Radio station since 2007. In November 2014, Bree added a podcast that highlights indie artists. “I founded Women of Substance radio because I met so many great independent female artists, and I didn’t think they were getting the airplay they deserved. I started it when I had small children, and I’ve been building it up over the years. You can now listen on mobile devices and we offer advertising to our artists and businesses. Adding the podcast is a perfect fit with what I’m already doing. I just recorded Episode 132. It’s been really fun. I don’t know anybody else who’s highlighting female artists only in the podcast world.” I urge you to click the link below if you are interested in submitting your music.

Bree faced and overcame many of the same struggles in her own music career, so I asked Bree to share her own music back story: “I was in a music group on college. I absolutely loved it. We toured and we recorded a few CD’s. I got to make a CD in Santa Barbara where Kenny Loggins and The Beach Boys had made records. I was dead set on having a music career after college, but I had no idea how to do it. I moved to a new place, where I didn’t know anyone, and did everything I could. I tried to fit into all these bands that didn’t make any sense for me. I spent 10 years trying to figure out what to do.”

After recovering from a health issue, Bree Noble decided to focus on her God-given talent: “I found some groups of female artists that I could talk to and get advice from. I got mentoring and coaching, and that was when my career took off. I learned how to brand myself and differentiate myself. I found my niche and my audience.”

Although she no longer tours, Bree Noble still performs live and she works with her church. She now focuses on helping artists build their careers, like she did.

In addition to joining the Female Music Academy, what advice does Bree Noble have for other female artists that they could start right now and improve their career? “Making connections with other artists and making a plan are key. Artists need a plan for time management and what to focus on. We get so distracted. One day we do this and the next day we do that, and we don’t know if any of it is really working. My advice is to narrow your focus to three or four things that you need to do this month to move your career forward. Then, learn how to do those things and execute. If you need to find help, then form a team.”

Bree Noble inspires me to achieve more.

Bree, best of luck with the launch of the Female Music Academy.

Rock on!

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