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Angela Ardis

Angela Ardis

I have been writing since the age of seven, when I was given my first journal. My affinity for words grew and continues to grow as I do. I’ve written children’s books, poetry books, erotica, fiction and memoirs.

My first published work is my memoir entitled Inside a Thug’s Heart, compiled from an exchange of letters, poetry and conversations with the late rapper Tupac Shakur. The book was published via Kensington Publishing in hard cover in 2004, re-released in paperback in 2009 and released again as an ebook in 2013. This award-nominated book was also translated into Polish.

By the persuasion of my mother, I published my second book, a poetry book entitled My Mind’s Poetry: Relationships. After receiving an onslaught of emails from fans who wanted to understand how to begin pulling their stories together, I wrote and published the first volume of a petite book series entitled I Have a Story: Getting Started.

My latest release, The Block, has become my obsession, a trilogy I never saw coming. The first installment has touched people in ways I would have never imagined. The sequel, The Block: Truth Revealed, will be out late May 2014; and the final installment, The Block: Twisted Labyrinth, will be released spring 2015. I have also written numerous independent projects for clients.

Aside from authoring several titles, I have also been hired to write scripts for animation, live production, television, film and ghostwriting. I LOVE telling stories! Having the ability to indulge in a profession that allows that makes life fabulous!

Angela Ardis writing My advice to aspiring writers is simple yet challenging: JUST WRITE! Don’t get caught up on what to do with your manuscript once you’re finished. You’ll find finishing will be the most challenging part of the entire journey.

Don’t throw any ideas away. Jot them down and pull them out when you get stuck. Those random ideas come to you for a reason and it may not hit you until the middle or the end of your project. SAVE them! Find someone you trust to bounce ideas off of. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and ask for help; Lord knows we all need it from time to time. Don’t worry about what will sell. Write what moves you.

There is nothing more gratifying than staring down at your finished manuscript.

I want to change the world with my words and vision. I want to continue to create projects that make you think, propel you to act and to shift your consciousness on word at a time~

Be blessed, stay focused and true to your passion~

Angela Ardis

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