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Amused Now is Hiring Sales Executive

Amused Now

Company Description

Amused Now shares the inside scoop about up-and-coming indie artists that every indie fan should know about. Amused Now’s in-depth interviews shine a spotlight on fabulous indie talent and give you the back stories you can’t find on any other site. Because Amused Now caters to multiple types of artists, we have a wider-reaching fan base than most indie sites.

Amused Now offers artists the opportunity to tell their back story and share information about their current projects in their own words. When artists tell their stories and describe their art, fans gain a deeper understanding and affection for the artist. At Amused Now, we’ve proven that musicians who talk about their song in an interview and post that interview on the same web page as their music sell more music. The same holds true for filmmakers and authors. Artists who tell their stories have a competitive advantage.

Job Description

Want to join the indie movement and help support talented indie artists? Amused Now is looking for an independent B2B salesperson with experience selling advertising or services to businesses in the entertainment and/or book publishing industries. Work from your home office and sell our co-branded sponsorships, advertising and interview packages.

Successful candidates should already have book of business in those industries.


This is a contract position. Pay rate is negotiated percentage of sales.


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