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Alan Hewitt

Alan Hewitt

What is the essence of music? Is it superior technical prowess, or is it having a sense for what moves people? Whoever you ask will have a different answer, but I think that all musicians will agree that at its core, music is about collaboration. Music is a tapestry created by an underlining appreciation for past forms and by the desire to weave our own new and exciting contributions to this rich musical history. In Evolution, the new album I just released under the name of Alan Hewitt and One Nation, we took this to heart.

My first serious role in music was as a drummer when I was growing up in Michigan. I was around 12, playing in clubs with guys who were older than me. Later on in those early days, during my musical upbringing if you will, I started touring as a drummer with different types of groups playing all types of music.

You could say that it was through experiences such as these that I developed a taste for working and creating music with others, in and out of my comfort zones. It was at the Berklee College of Music that I got serious about keyboards and became interested in the composition and production side of music, which eventually led to working on many film and TV projects.

In the past, I have had many incredible opportunities. I had the honor of producing alongside Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire for over half a decade. I wrote and played keys on Warrant’s Cherry Pie record as well as Jonathon Butler’s Lost to Love CD, which went Gold, and many more.  We were fortunate enough to reach multi-platinum status with both Cherry Pie and with EWF’s Greatest Hits.

Since 2010, I have been the keyboardist for the legendary Moody Blues and I have toured the world with them. I have also done solo projects with Moody Blues’ Justin Hayward, where I performed keyboards on his Live at Buckhead DVD; and I also co-produced, wrote and played keys on Moody Blues bassist John Lodge’s new highly acclaimed CD 10,000 Light Years Ago.

Alan Hewitt performingI like to think that my upcoming album with Alan Hewitt and One Nation is a culmination of many different experiences within music. It is a fusion of jazz, rock and prog, our effort to bring many diverse genres into harmony. Together with incredible musicians Sonny Emory, JV Collier, Jamie Glaser and Duffy King, we tried to put a unique stamp on the music that we love.

My advice to young musicians is this: practice your craft and follow your instincts, but never lose sight of the fact that it’s the people we work with, who are our greatest influences. Surround yourself with amazing musicians and aspire to make something greater than yourself.

Alan Hewitt

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