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Agnieszka Sorycz ~ Move the Earth

Agnieszka Sorycz

Agnieszka Sorycz

The film industry is a tough one – no doubt. We live in the age of global connectivity, where anything has become possible. Archimedes once said, “Give me a place to stand and I will move the Earth.” Well, the Earth may be moved and shaken by every single person these days, no matter their background, nationality or interests.

The new model of film industry has emerged from technology and easy access to knowledge. Many creative talents now have a chance not only to showcase their work but also to contribute and learn. And, in order to fully benefit from this digital revolution, filmmakers need to understand that showcasing their talent is equally important to learning and contributing.

I had an opportunity to work on many great film projects such as Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, Brave and True Blood while working for Warner Bros, HBO and Disney Studios distributors. I also had many challenges supporting independent releases such as Quentin Dupieux’s Rubber (Quentin is known in the music world as Mr. Oizo)¬†or Gareth Evans’s Raid. All this has been a great experience – seeing the true colors of the industry and meeting talented film people from all around the world.

What I’ve learned from all my experience is that filmmakers can only be successful ‘moving the Earth’ when they:

Combine skills: Become multi-skilled artists, interested in many filmmaking aspects. You can no longer succeed with a narrow specialization.

Quality: Whatever is done, should be done with the best quality. There is no room for low quality in the filmmaking business. Quality refers to everything, not only to the film itself, but also to the way of presenting the film to audience, communication with audience and your own brand.

Creativity: Following is a great technique for learning, but the real trick is to be a step ahead.

A bit of modesty: As Socrates said (and Steven Soderbergh confirmed for the film industry), “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” There is always plenty to learn – all the time.

So, the question is: Are you ready to move the Earth alongside with the greatest filmmakers?
Agnieszka Sorycz



About the post author:

Agnieszka Sorycz is a film marketing specialist. She runs a boutique marketing consultancy for independent filmmakers and independent film studios called FilmMarketingBlog.com, a site that provides full marketing services: marketing strategy development and implementation, personal and film branding, and trailer review (both technical and marketing review).

Agnieszka is also a Managing Director at FilmmakersPond.com, a site where freelance filmmakers can connect directly with clients (businesses, TV stations and studios) and can also develop their filmmaking skills further through participating in FilmmakersPond’s film projects and collaborating with other equally experienced filmmakers from all around the world.

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