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Adeniran Bamisaye ~ Why I Write

Adeniran Bamisaye

Adeniran Bamisaye

I am Adeniran Bamisaye, and I am a Nigerian author. Some years back, during my undergraduate days, I was in the cab and (as my custom was), and I gave a piece of paper containing one of my write-ups to the people who were in the cab with me. Least I forget, I was actually on my way to school on that particular day.

At times, after giving out the write-ups, I would ask about the recipients’ views and at other times, I wouldn’t. Some would say, “Thanks” or “It’s a nice piece.” On this particular day, I did not ask, but while the cab was about parking, the two people who sat with me at the back seat gave me their feedback. One of them said, “Thanks” and the other person said, “Thanks for strengthening me.”

I was touched by her remarks. She went further to say she had an exam that morning and that course was often tagged by students as “Pharaoh,” a course that kept a lot of them from graduating or made some spend extra year(s) in school. As much as I could, I encouraged her and told her to expect nothing but the best. I was glad to see her express some good measure of optimism as she hurried to write her exam for the day.

The power you have to reach out and be a blessing to other people is hidden within your gift. It resides in your gift, ability and talent. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not express these special deposits.

I have been writing for over a decade, and one major thing that inspires me is the people whose lives I have been able to touch positively. Using my gift and developing it along the line, has helped me to add value to people far and near, especially with the advent of the social media and internet.

Adeniran BamisayeIt has made writing adventurous and challenging too. The truth is, you may never know the potential hidden within your gift until you deploy it, most especially if you are in the writing business. The internet has made writing more interesting. You can create a blog to share your thoughts, you can join online communities, and so on. You’ve got to share your story and let other people learn from you.

Although, at times I get discouraged, I have come to know that it is not all about me and how I feel. It is about reaching out to the world. Understanding that just a statement or word of encouragement has the capacity to make so much difference in the life of a person motivates me to keep writing and sharing my thoughts. Knowing that such words could also cause some positive ripple effects also inspires me to keep dripping the ink of my pen.

It so unbelievable when I see people who were once passionate about their gift no longer passionate and zealous about their dreams and visions. One begins to wonder if they really had a vision/passion. To a large extent, I understand how it feels when people are not appreciating what you do. I have experienced such feelings in the past, especially when I think I have done a great piece and people read and criticize my write-ups.

Hold it! Do you know that your experiences are good stories that have the capacity to make the Bestselling lists? You may not have published a book yet, but DON’T stop writing!  In spite of all the challenges that I have faced as a writer, I have not stopped writing and God has not stopped inspiring me and giving ink to my pen.  I have allowed those challenges to make me a better writer.  Those words and attitudes that people “poured” at me have enriched my write-ups.

Today, I have a book (Reflections) and I am working on others. On a weekly basis, there are a lot of people who look forward to reading my blog. Before the end of this year, my next book should be out. I also have opportunities to feature on a number of magazines. Your book can be the next bestselling book. Pick up your pen and share your creative thoughts. Thanks!

Adeniran BamisayeAdeniran Bamisaye