2014 Indie Music Awards

Cynthia and Khymberlee

Cynthia and Khymberlee

Last night, I returned from Los Angeles after co-hosting the first ever Lipstick Radio Indie Music Awards show with Khymberlee Carlyle on April 17. Khymberlee broadcast this ground-breaking event live on YouTube, with recordings now available on the Lipstick Radio Amused Now YouTube channel. The show’s voting methods and prizes both encourage and help indie artists.

1.  Celebrate Music Independence

I made the trip to Los Angeles to host the show in person, to emphasize the importance of this celebration of music independence. Through these awards, we shine a spotlight on those talented artists willing to take a stand, follow their own rules and publish the music that they want to publish.

When we asked some of the show’s guests why being an indie artist is so important, they shared:

The most powerful thing about being an independent artist is controlling your money. You want to be able to sit down and know exactly how your money is being made, where it’s coming from and, basically, control your destiny.” Smiz the Money Kid

When it comes to my independence, I try to be at the forefront of my career. No one knows me like me. No one knows the music like I know the music. I’m an artist. I love music. I love what I do. When I love what I do, I want it to be the best, to be 100% truth. When you’re assigned to a label, you’re a puppet. You have to do what they tell you to do and I’m not that type of artist.”  Trell Daray

I think independent artists are great, because they’re being true to themselves. They have passion for their music and they get to do it the way they want. I’m all about being original and being creative. When you’re an independent artist, you put out what you want to put out and not what someone else is forcing you to put out.”  PD Radio

Having listened to so much music, I actually enjoy it more. The message is that independent artists are their own music. When I listen to the radio or mainstream music, it’s kind of the same, a lot of the same. There’s no real message for me.”   Angela Ardis, Lipstick Radio’s A&R

Celebrity Engulfed by Fans on Red Carpet2.  Winners Selected by Fans, not by Judges

The winners were not selected by a panel of judges or a committee, but by the indie artist’s fans themselves. Fans voted online, encouraged by their favorite artists to vote. The voting process emphasized that talent alone is not enough.

According to Khymberlee Carlyle, “This is about teaching indie artists how to get out there and get your grind on and get your fan base behind you. Just like with a major, if nobody bought your record, the record label would drop you. You’ve got to get your fan base involved. You’ve got to start pushing. The artists that won tonight, that’s exactly what they did.”

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Best Reggae Song – “Slippery When Wet” – Nyanda
Best Rap Song – “Trunk Muzik” – YK
Best Pop Song – “Thank You” – Doja
Best R&B Song – “Vickey See” – Saizzar

Best R&B Artist Male- Saizzar
Best R&B Artist Female – A.B.Y.S.S.
Best Rap Artist Male – YK
Best Rap Artist Female – Mz Blue
Best Pop Artist – Trell Daray

Producer of the Year – The Beat Still JK (Jonathan Kelly)

3.  Prizes Advance Indie Artists

Not only do winners receive the traditional plaque and trophy, winners also receive a list of services to advance their careers long after the camera stops rolling and social media buzz dies down. The amazing list of prizes was all donated by supporters of indie music, Amused Now included. To celebrate those who support indie artists, I’ve listed the prizes too.

Thank you for your generous donations!

Cynthia Kahn and Khymberlee Carlyle in gold records Front cover of US1 Magazine

Featured on Lipstick Radio website

Video featured on ItzMeh.com

Interviews and appearances:
Lipstick Radio’s Sound Booth
Amused Now (as Featured Artist)
The Gud Tymez Show
US1 Magazine
The Hype Magazine
Exquisiteconnoisseur Magazine
Blackout Radio
Aesthetic Heart Promotions
PD Radio
Urban Soul Radio
Unsigned Female Artists

Free “Beat” provided by Hit Man Traxx

Free Career Consultation:
Aubrey Green
Shanell “Red” Vine

Air Spins:
Lipstick Radio
The Gud Timez Show
Late Night Confessions
Coffee Shop Morning Show
Blackout Radio
Too Real Radio
IMAG Radio

DJ mixes coast-to-coast:
Celebrity DJ Jiji Sweet
DJ Papito
DJ Re Re
DJ Sean Money

Featured on mixtapes:
Lipstick Radio’s Indie Award Winners Mixtape produced by Office Boyz NY
DJ Paptio’s Independent Radio Mixtape Series

Additional promotion by Lipstick Radio

This year’s awards show takes the indie music movement to the next level. We created a new, exciting way to celebrate our independence. Next year, we hope to add more music categories, offer even more prizes and broadcast from an exciting new location.

Cynthia Kahn before Indie Music Awards show Thank you for your support.

Cynthia Kahn, Founder of Amused Now    

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