2014 Indie Music Awards Winner ~ Mz Blue

Mz Blue

Mz Blue

I’m excited to share this written interview with 2014 Indie Music Awards Winner for Best Rap Artist Female: Mz Blue. Currently, Mz Blue is super busy touring, so she was unable to meet with me in person.

Cynthia: It’s so exciting to see your hard work pay off. How long have been involved with Khymberlee Carlyle and Lipstick Radio?

Mz. Blue: I have been involved with Lipstick Radio since the beginning of last year, so well over a year now.

Cynthia: This year’s Indie Music Awards winners were selected by their fans. How did you get your fans engaged and voting?

Mz. Blue: I promoted heavily on all my social sites. I have quite a few pages that I promote off of, and all of them have thousands of followers.

I engaged fans more through the use of videos. I made a short clip asking them to vote for me to win and thanked them in advance; I posted this clip every week until the competition ended. I posted several links and directly spoke with some of them. I really got involved.

Cynthia: How do you use social media and other marketing channels to connect with fans?

Mz. Blue: You won’t gain fans if you’re not communicating while you’re posting links up of your product. Engagement is so important because these are the people that are going to buy whatever it is that you’re selling.

I connect with people and ask them questions and get to know them. Some people want to know that you care for them as a person, and you’re not just using them to buy something from you or only for selfish gain. I see what they are up to in their daily life, that’s how I get them to warm up to me.

Mz Blue performingCynthia: How long have you been in indie music?

Mz. Blue: I have been an indie artist for several years.

Cynthia: What is your musical background and training?

Mz. Blue: I grew up singing in the church choir for St. John’s United Methodist. I also took private voice lessons from a church member that was friends with my parents. I took voice lessons and sang in the school choir as well. I started rapping at an early age too and decided that I wanted to do both of them and so that’s what I did.

Cynthia: Who can we thank for being your musical influencers?

Mz. Blue: When it comes to music, I grew up mimicking Toni Braxton, Brandy, Monica, Whitney Houston, Kelly Price, and Destiny’s Child. I loved all of their voices and style influences.

 On the rap side my influences started as early as Salt & Pepper, Geto Boys, Queen Latifah, Eve, and that’s just to name a few. I would that say now days, I’m more on Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, J cole, Jay Z and Eminem.

Cynthia: Do you collaborate with other artists? What skill sets do you look for to compliment your own musical talents?

I haven’t collaborated with many artists lately, because I’m still perfecting my own craft, but I have featured with a few from time to time. When I collaborate, I’m going for the guy who’s lyrical with his word play; I don’t like boring music. I like artists that are just as creative as me. That’s a dosage for a hot record.

Cynthia: So, now that the awards show is over, what’s up next for Mz Blue?

Mz. Blue: I’m getting ready to relocate to Atlanta, so my whole life is about to change. I feel like there’s really not enough time in the day. I am completing the mix-tape called “Take Flight,” and once that’s done, I’ll be working on a few promo videos. My book “Rap Revelation” should be edited and published sometime soon. I’m really excited about everything, especially the book I just wrote.

Mz Blue in blackI am focused and my thoughts are sound and clear. I really have a lot to thank God for.

Thanks for your support and for interviewing me!

Mz Blue

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